Andreas Winter

In cooperation with Cique de Soleil   "Pomp Duck & Circumstance" is presenting a powerfull, international band. On drums "Mapex" endorser Andy Winter who is responsible for a tasteful groove throughout the show. He has joined the band a few years ago and has already been working for Cirque de Soleil in Atlanta (USA) in 1996. Andy has lived in New York on and off since 1987. A must to see!

Drums & Percussion 01/1999


Bombastic sounds   and a convincing performance of the Andy Winter Group has left a fully satisfied audience at the ?Remise" in Bludenz, Austria.

Vorarlberger News 2002


"The musicianship is on caliber with any of todays top musical groups and the compositions will leave you completely satisfied. As a composer, producer and drummer Andy Winter will be around for many, many years to come."

Lenny White


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