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Delicate Move - Andy Winter Group  (ZYX)

Style: Jazz/Fusion/Funk/Latin/Easy Listening


UPC 090204942435

Artist: Andy Winter Group

Album: Delicate Move

Order Nr.: VILCD 1022-2

Label: Village PC 13

VÖ: 16.09.02

The mixture of the distinct and carefully chosen musical personalities for the group makes the music a very personal and strong musical experience. Combining funk with jazz and blending some latin and african-american elements the band has created it's unique new sound.

Hiram Bullock - guitar, Eric St.Laurent - guitar, Loomis Green - guitar, Jesse Milliner - keys, piano, Rainer Wind - bass, Joscha Oetz - bass, Valentin Gregor - violin, voice, Martin klingeberg - trumpet, Hans Peter Salentin - trumpet, George Pfister - tenor saxophone, Kevin Burrell - percussion, Andy Winter - drums & electronic drums